Wednesday, April 25, 2012

only six words.

Day 3 of Beyond Layers II with Kim Klassen. Todays idea was to use only 6 words to describe one aspect of yourself.

I tried to get out of my comfort zone and do something a little different for me. 

In the first image above I used 3 ornaments that sit on my wifes dresser and shot the image using a white board background. I applied two of Kim's textures, Poetic and Charmed, and a cloud texture of my own.

The second image below is a bit more me as my second name is "procrastination" according to my wonderful wife....... and she is right...... most of the time. Here I used one single texture of Kim's, "wonderful magic - scripted", using a screen mode.

The third image using the idea of expressing how I feel was one of whistling kite on a plain blue sky. I used Kim's texture" Oh My' on two layers, one as overlay and one as multiply mode. I desaturated both layers so that the blue of the original sky comes through.

I wanted to express the idea of freedom and aiming high in terms of expression and artistic/photographic outcomes. Wouldn't it be great to fly high literally?? "Fly high on winds of a whistling kite" did not really fit the bill so I used a little posting license here.


Butterbean Row said...

Hi Andy,
Boy, you have been busy creating! Very nice use of words and texture!


Beverly said...

So love the middle photo! I like how the clouds are lengthened, and the pale soft colors. Very nice work on all three.

Tammy said...

Really nice work!