Tuesday, April 17, 2012

White Eye

White Eye

An attempt to add texture to one of my bird shots of a White Eye (Zosteropidae).

The original background in the image was a little bland and grainy so I applied two textures. I think they add something to the beauty of the little bird and the fruit it is eating.

The first texture was a white "paper" and when applied it brightened the image. I use and overlay blending mode at 66% opacity.

The second texture of painted and cracked concrete (thanks to Shady Medusa on Deviant Art) was applied with a soft light blending mode at 75% opacity.

I applied a layer mask to both textured layers to remove most of the texture from the bird.

If my future attempts turn out so good I will be most pleased.


Kathy said...

This is excellent. Amazing how many different effects can come from textures blended together.

Rural Revival said...

A beautiful image on its own certainly, but your choices in editing are breathtaking. Gorgeous work!